Drawing from my experience working in universities both in the U.S. and abroad, I offer keynotes and facilitated discussions on topics including:

College is a Whole Other Country
draws comparisons between living abroad and starting at a new college. Many circumstances that contribute to culture shock when you move to another country also apply to students at a new university. And some of the same strategies for handling culture shock can be applied to help anyone learn to integrate and feel at ease more quickly in a new environment.
Prepare for Departure
highlights the differences between planning for studying abroad and being prepared to study abroad. Having spent nine years managing student life programs at a study abroad institute in Italy, I learned that planning is just the tip of the preparation iceberg, and developed a program to help students see and engage in the less obvious parts: practice and process.
Cultivate Your Curiosity
invites students to examine their own lives, attitudes, and perceived limitations through a lens of creativity and curiosity. Drawing on techniques and principles from the worlds of coaching, entrepreneurship, creativity, and the multi-passionate lifestyle, this keynote will help students ask the questions that will lead them to their best thinking.

All of my keynotes can be customized to the specific needs of your audience, and I am available to speak on a wide variety of topics in addition to those listed above. I also love working with smaller groups of students in workshop or seminar-style settings! If you’d like to talk about how I could share my experience with your audience, send me a message or set up a Q&A phone call.

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