Rediscover your enthusiasm and fall back in love with your life in 30 days!

Are you ready to get to a new level of engagement with your career, your family, or your health?
Do your relationships and personal life look just like they did five years ago, even though you’d like to see development?
Do you sometimes think if things kept going as they are, it’d be fine, but you still wonder “Is this all there is?”

Have you lost your spark? Did you once have lots of energy for your work, but now wonder if you’re really making a difference at all?

Hi, I’m Shelley Story.

A career student affairs professional, I was pretty happy in my fourth post-master’s-degree job. I liked my portfolio of responsibilities, my salary was fair enough, and I loved my students and co-workers. I was even living in Europe and traveling for work, things I never thought would be possible as an SApro. But I also knew that I didn’t want to be in that same position forever, and there was no way for me to move up without moving on.

I interviewed for jobs that were the “next logical step” in my career. But none of them ever felt right. Even when I was offered positions, I turned them down. And, as the years went on, I also knew I couldn’t stay in place much longer. I felt stuck. And I had lost my spark.

Then, I took a chance, enrolled in a coaching program, and learned how to get that spark back. I realized that I had been allowing tunnel vision to make me believe that there was only one path ahead of me that would be supported by my education and experience, when in reality, there were many possibilities! I began to understand that I really had access to that spark all along, and I want to share those insights with you so that you can have access to your spark, no matter your professional circumstances.

Introducing: Reset Respark

a five-week course to take you from “good enough” to inspired & in motion
If you’re not often feeling enthusiastic, inspired, and joyously alive,
then it’s time to reset and respark.

Don’t wait for a mid-life crisis (quarter-life crisis?) to take stock of how you’re spending your one precious ride on this planet. Reset Respark is for you if you want to take a fresh perspective on your life and work, choosing more of what fuels your passions and less of what doesn’t serve you (and without being insubordinate!). It’s for you if you want every interaction with your fellow humans to be purposeful and based on real connection. It’s for you if you have been floating along on the currents of life, and you’re ready to steer your ship with intent.

Reset Respark is a five-week online course that will motivate and support you to:

Take a clean-slate look at your daily activities, limiting beliefs, and stories you tell yourself.

Reset your own expectations and those of others in your life.

Respark your energy and inspiration — taking a new direction, boldly confirming the path you’re on, or some combination of the two.

In this module, we’ll examine the role of narrative in personal identity. Stories — whether spoken aloud or running as silent subtext — make up the foundation of both our self-perceptions and the way others see us. You will learn to listen to your own stories – and the stories of the world – with selective objectivity, and choose to tell only the stories that support your success.

You’ll discover:
• How disappointment can help you recognize and re-invent a story.
• Which stories get the most focus in your head, and which ones should.
• How repeating stories over time turns them into beliefs — and what’s even more powerful than those beliefs.
• How you can help others start to tune in to their stories.

You will receive:
• A simple, positive, & effective technique for separating story from reality.
• A process for creating stories more powerful than the ones that hold you back.
• Download: a pocket-sized helper for keeping your stories effective.

Estimates say 50-60% of student affairs professionals leave the field in the first 5 years.

Marc E.,
Asst. Director for Residence Life

Over the course of a month, Shelley guided me through activities that provided me the opportunity to reflect on where I was spending my time and focusing my attention. I was able to pinpoint and implement new methods on how to focus on the things that truly matter to me.

Linsey S.,
Former Student

[Shelley] was like the perfect professor: she gave me the fundamentals and showed me the path, but then did her best to take off my training wheels so I could learn some independence. This precise mix of assistance-when-needed and freedom is what I appreciated most.

What is possible for your life and work when you get your spark back?

My guarantee

My intention and promise is that if you participate in this course, you’ll get some new perspective, see more options, and know which next steps are available to you. If you don’t get those or other valuable results, I will refund your money.

Reset Respark includes:
  • Online access to course materials and group discussions
  • Weekly class sessions
  • Weekly live chats

Next launch date for this course is still a couple of months away! In the meantime, get in touch if you’d like to work one on one through the same concepts covered in the course.

The accumulated effect of long hours, increasing demand for services, shrinking budgets, intractable issues, litigious environments, and what seems at times like incessant bashing of higher education for political purposes can lead to burnout among even the most dedicated of student-affairs professionals. – George S. McClellan

in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Are you ready to reset and respark?