Consulting is like coaching for organizations, and it’s for you if your department, task force, or workgroup could be more inspired, effective, responsive, or cohesive. I’ll help your team capitalize on the strengths of each member, gain lasting access to team superpowers, and move forward with confidence. And I’ll follow up frequently after our sessions, so that what happens in the room doesn’t stay there.

Consulting services are always customized to your specific needs, but may fall under one of these categories:

Storytelling 2.0:

Every organization has stories that are continually repeated and self-fulfilling. What are your organization’s stories? Which ones are serving you well, and which ones need to be edited or traded in for new stories?

Vital Signs:

Organizations can get into a rut, with team members going through the motions without realizing their motivation and inspiration have faded. We’ll take the temperature of your organization and find the right tools to bring it back to robust health.

Change is Curious:

As the landscape of higher education changes rapidly, only the organizations that can change responsively will flourish. We’ll look at curiosity as the key characteristic necessary for agile and effective teams.

Consulting packages are expressly designed, and can take many forms, depending on your needs (on site facilitation, group coaching, preliminary interviews, follow-up coaching for individual team members, etc.).

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