Super Session Coaching

One powerful 90-minute session

Super Session Coaching is for you if you’ve got a specific question, idea, or concern that you really want to dig into until your next steps are clear.

Super Sessions give us 90 minutes to support you in:

  • Making a decision
  • Solving a problem
  • Getting your mojo back
  • Setting a direction for the near future
  • Exploring major life/career choices (changing jobs, starting a PhD, pursuing a #sidehustle).
  • Any other issue that needs clarification or resolution.

Super Sessions include a 90-minute coaching session and a week of follow-up via text.
Price: $150.

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Contract Coaching

An Ongoing coaching relationship

Contract Coaching is for you if you have a great life, but know that it could be even better.

It’s for you if you usually describe your days with words like good, fun, nice, interesting, great… and you’d rather use words like powerful, fulfilling, dynamic, fascinating, joyous, awe-inspiring.

In an ongoing coaching relationship, we’ll have time to explore all the diverse facets of life. You’ll develop new habits, do your best thinking, and create the life that best serves you.

Contract Coaching includes one 50-minute call per week (except the last week of each month) and text-based support throughout the contract.
Price: $250/month.

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